Week of February 19, 2018


Easy – Son Lux

When music meets bondage and rope play, you have this gem of a music video by Son Lux called Easy. We’re presented with a wonderful mix of life, music, bondage and art.


This week in kink, February 19, 2018

This week in kink: BDSM as a form of therapy, list of what 50 Shades of Gray got wrong and a femme domme who embraces they transvestite side.


Black Mirror – A Negative BDSM Portrayal? Sound Off!

We are seeing more and more BDSM in the mainstream media. Black Mirror recently dropped an episode that briefly touches on some aspects of BDSM.


TRUST: The Sub’s Point of View

Trust is huge! Once you’ve consented to a Dom/Domme, you then are relying on the trust you have for them. BaadMaster helps identify trust factors by asking a few very important questions.


Funishments vs. Discipline

Funishments, to me, are essentially disciplinary actions used in a kinky way during play or a scene such as spanking or flogging. It is always consensual and should never cross any hard limits. Discipline involves a disciplinary action that is used to discipline the s type for some kind of infraction. It is also consensual […]


Erotica: Hot Remodel

My wife and I have a fun, adventurous sex life. We’ve both been with other partners and had a lot of fun in various groupings, but sometimes the best and hottest sex is just between the two of us. Last summer we took on a big project—remodeling our new house. She had always wanted a […]

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