Week of July 25th, 2016

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Red Rope

The sexy stylings and intricate work of Kinbaku Tanto and his petite model are entertaining to watch, to say the least.


This week in kink, July 25th, 2016

Recently Fetlife, the most popular social network for kinky people was no longer accepting new members.

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Stepping on Landmines

Triggers happen. Do your best to take care of each other and remember that the trigger is not representative of the scene or the relationship.

"Floor work" on an elevated surface. This is just as exciting and erotic as any suspension.  Photo and rope by  Rope_Daddy

Objectification: Part One

“Objectification,” which is usually defined as “the act of regarding or treating a person as an object.”

woman handcuffed

Are You Vanilla Or Genuinely Submissive?

Summarizing the “essential” difference between Vanilla and Submissive, I elected to look at seven key qualities.

Muscular man with nude torso

Erotica: Pecking Order

Abigail and Josephine were there, garments askew. Abigail’s face was streaked with tears. Josephine held a riding crop. Eyes blazing, she barked, “Foolish boy! Shut the door!” As Henry obeyed he noticed a thin film of sweat on her forehead.

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