Week of January 15, 2018


Green Mountain Cabaret Rope Performance

Footage from the dress rehearsal of Lux and Tracker’s rope bondage performance at the Green Mountain Cabaret.


This week in kink, January 15, 2018

This week in kink: legal consent app, bdsm quiz naughtiness and tips from a real life dominatrix.


The Punishment Manual Part II

BaadMaster’s Punishment manual part II delivers some great mental punishment ideas that take us right back to gradegradeschoolschool.



Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance! We cannot stress this enough! Slave Bunny dives into why acceptance is so important when getting into your kink.


New Year, New Kink?

It’s a new year and is it time for a new you as well? Here are some kinky ideas for resolutions for 2018 and beyond.


The Red Chair ~ A Cuckold’s Story – Conclusion

Alexa had never been so completely consumed. Tyler pulled her mouth to his kissing her softly while his hands squeezed her lavish breasts and tugged at her hardened nipples. In a few strokes, she began to swell in wetness and find her rhythm.  Tyler swiftly wrapped his arms around her, turning her in a moment […]

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