Week of December 11, 2017


Slow Down by Anatoly Yakovlev

Models Katya & Eli remind us to slow down…


This week in kink, December 11, 2017

This week in kink we learn about kinky fitness, Princeton starts a BDSM club and a new line of themed toys excited our inner kinky nerd.



It’s never too early to start planning your New Year’s Resolution for 2018. Baadmaster gives us some really great ideas on kinky resolutions for the coming year.


Different Levels of Protocol

Protocol, protocol, protocol. Jenn Masri gives us a thorough lesson about what protocol is as well as the variety of levels that one may encounter.


Part 2: How Slavery Can Reduce Anxiety

In this second installment, Slave Bunny covers what she terms the “sweet spot” for helping relieve a slave’s anxiety. She delves further into techniques that work.


Journey to a Prologue – Part II

Part II of this thrilling story brings this erotic story to a very sexy and erotic conclusion. We are shivering with delight by this story.

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