Week of July 16, 2018


The Top Five Myths About BDSM

WatchMojo.com dispels five common myths of BDSM. We highly recommend beginners watch this video.


This week in kink: July 16, 2018

This week in kink news: Danny Stygion’s Dominatrices, how to have amazing and quiet sex while the kids are asleep, why open relationships can be just as fulfilling as monogamous ones, an interview with Alison Boden, and a new consent discussion


Interview with Madame Margherite

Madame Margherite discusses her work, animal play, pet play, and gives us her views concerning the Kink and BDSM Community


Submissives Who Work

Baadmaster discusses the 24/7 ideal and how to make power exchange more realistic for everyday life


Conscious Dominance

Galen Fous discusses conscious dominance and advocates for self-reflection from all D-types

bdsm toys and corset background

A Special Treat for Donna: Part 1

Donna Queen’s A Special Treat For Donna: Part 1

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