Week of November 20, 2017


On Intimacy of Pain & Because The Beauty Of

On Intimacy of Pain & Because The Beauty Of By: Christine Borch “On intimacy Of Pain & Because The Beauty Of An audience participative performance installation Concept by Christine Borch Performed by Hana Tefrati, Federica Fiore & Christine Borch Wax play is: a form of sensual play involving warm or hot wax usually dripped from […]


This week in kink, November 20, 2017

This week in kink: Los Angeles Leather Pride Dates chosen, polyamory in the new Wonder Woman biopic and much more!


Spanking: Pleasure or Punishment?

Can spanking be used for both pleasure and punishment? Baadmaster goes into the differences between using spanking as punishment and pleasure for your sub.


My First Play Party

Your first play party can be nerve-racking. Jenn Masri shares her first experience at a play party. You might be surprised at how it turned out.


Rituals in Power Exchange Dynamics

Slave Bunny describes the difference between rules and rituals in her master slave relationship and the importance in their every day lives.


Erotica: When Love Becomes a Weakness

Another installment from sexual destinies tells the tale of a woman taking ownership of her man has our skin covered in goosebumps while we read this tantalizing tale.

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