Week of April 16, 2018


MissFireFetish – Germany does candle and fire domination on female sub

Fire Domination by Germany at Dantes Sinferno Cabaret in Portland, Oregon by MissFireFetish


This week in kink, April 16, 2018

This week in kink: A dominatrix in Dubai, Sex classes on the rise in London and Nikki Benz files suit against porn star in major scandal!


Finding a D-type

How do you really find a D type? What are the trues tips and secrets behind finding the d type of your dreams. The answer might surprise you.



TPE or Total Power Exchange is one of those touchy subjects that everyone has their own set of opinions on. What actually qualifies as a TPE? BaadMaster weighs in.


Slave Training

Slave Bunny shares with us how slave training can bring a dominant and sub closer together under the right circumstances. Training is not about barking orders at a sub, but it goes much deeper…


Part Two: Annie’s Transgression

Read Part I here. She saw him, but he didn’t know that. And that was fine with her. Annie wondered if he would ask her but he didn’t, and she knew he wouldn’t the minute his mouth closed over her. It’s not that he was predictable, but let’s be honest. At the most elemental level, […]

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