Week of January 9th, 2016


Video: Nympho

This music video is adorable! Watch out for the surprise ending 😉


This week in kink news, January 9th, 2017

Have a wrestling kink? In London, The Submission Room is the place for you!


Opinion: Kink vs. BDSM

As you have noticed, we are called KINK weekly, not BDSM weekly. Yet most of the articles and features on this site have been BDSM oriented.

Nicole bondage bunny

2017 BDSM Events

Here is our annual event round up; a list of BDSM/kink events worldwide.


We Are Human First

This article is about consent and negotiation and mistakes and hindsight. It’s about personal responsibility and compassion.

silhouette girl portrait

Erotica: Entanglements

A soft grin crept across her soft angel face. It was that smile that captured me. In that moment I became hers, there was nothing I wouldn’t do for her. I wanted to be whatever she needed me to be.

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