Week of February 20th, 2017


Vidoe: A Straightforward Guide to Kink

While slightly less visually stimulating than some of the videos we’ve previously featured, this short educational video on kink is still fun to watch.


This week in kink, February 20th, 2017

Your brain on BDSM, local elections, adult happy meals and more!


Part Three: Interview with Author Ernest Greene, Master of O

When you look back over the book itself, it affirms pretty much what you already knew, if you know anything about this, which is a submissive partner is submissive for exactly as long as they want to be.

Scared woman victim of domestic torture and abuse

BDSM and Mental Punishment

There are some Dom/mes who use the lecture as a punishment in and of itself. Some submissives respond strongly to disapproval.


Movie Review: Fifty Shades Darker

We would not be doing our job as a weekly news and educational source without addressing the second installment in the franchise responsible for bringing (perhaps incorrectly) BDSM and kink into the forefront of society.

romantic girl

Erotica: Then and Now

“Thank you, Mistress” By contrast, my own voice falters, I know I’m whispering but I feel as though I’m shouting through the rush in my ears, the throbbing I feel all over.

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