Week of October 16, 2017


Cybil Troy – Private Rubber

Photography by Steven Sandler captures Cybill Troy is all her stunning rubber glory. This photo shoot is a sexy treat you don’t want to miss.


This week in kink, October 16, 2017

BDSM as relaxing as golf, polyamory and bondage in the Wonder Woman flick and the promise of a new Fifty Shades read, this week in kink is an interesting one that’s all over the board.



Dungeons can be expensive, but Baadmaster helps us cut the expenses down by offering a variety of options to make home dungeon play a real possibility for those of us on a budget.


Trust in D/S Relationships

Trust. It seems like such a simple thing, but in a D/S dynamic, it can take on a whole new meaning. Slave Bunny discusses trust in her relationship and how it lead to a successful power exchange.


The Power of Punishment

Slave Bunny breaks down how punishments and rewards can be a really great tool to help within your relationship as a teaching tool and helping getting over offenses faster.


Erotica: Good Girl, That’s All For Now – Part 2

Installment 2 of Good Girl, That’s all for now dives deeper into a first timer’s brush with BDSM from an unsuspecting male dominant she’s just met.

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