Week of August 22nd, 2016


Styles of Zenshin

His photos always leave you wanting to know more of the story.

tara 2

This week in kink, August 22nd, 2016

In the wake of this crazy election, we have one more candidate to throw in the ring!


Buying guide – Blindfolds

Who would have thought you could go wrong with buying a blindfold? Turns out there are a lot of bad ones out there.
metal leather cuffs

Chastity for Everyone! Part Two

Let’s start with a BDSM riddle: “A Master asks his slave to spank him. Does this change the D/s dynamic?”

good school girl

Taboo Role-Play

You are playing these scenarios out with another consenting adult.

silhouette girl portrait

The Education of Amanda: Power Exchange

He told me to lie on my back with my legs spread, ankles up to my ass, and not move. No one had ever bossed me around like this and I don’t know why but wordlessly, I complied.

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