Week of February 11, 2019

The Best Play For Newbies

Evie Lupine presents The Best Play For Newbies

This week in kink: February 11, 2019

This week in kink news: fetish porn ban lifted in the UK, steamy sex games for VDay, and Mistress Anna

Gag Primer Part 2

Don’t miss PirateStan’s Part 2 about everything ball gags!

Ask Baadmaster-Clips, Suction Cups, and More

This week Baadmaster gives helpful advice regarding clips, suction cups, and more!

BDSM Basics: Scene Negotiation

Dee Voyse writes about essential tactics and concepts regarding negotiation

Little Boy Blue Balls-Part 1

Mistress Rayvyn presents Little Boy Blue Balls- Part 1

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