Week of April 24th, 2017


My Silicone Love

An intimate look inside one man’s life with his collection of silicone dolls.


This week in kink, April 24th, 2017

Pizza bondage, BDSM bible, and kink on the rise!

girl in hood


We’re not talking about Egyptians.

A great sensation play toy-the chain ball tickler

Top 5 List of Beginner Toys and Types of play

In my opinion your hands are the best implements you have.


Book Review: Future Sex by Emily Witt

“I had disliked my freedom because I didn’t want to see myself landing on the outside of normal.”


Erotica: Good Girl

She was flipped around quickly and the hand delivered several more smacks to her ass as it pushed up into the air. Her face was hot not from the previous slap but rather from the embarrassment of it all.

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