Week of October 18th, 2016


Video: Dark Side of the BDSM

Something for all you latex lovers out there.

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This week in kink, October 16th, 2016

The dungeon Threshold, a member run, non-profit play space has made the decision to no longer host their Ravage party.


Discovering Your Kinks

How do you figure out what you like or don’t like (for now) when you’ve never done any of it or know anyone who can guide you?

this week in kink

The Complete Mentoring Guide

This article can be filed under “controversial” and “opinion” because it falls into both categories.


Review: Human Surrender

Alright everyone, I’ve got a confession to make and it’s a little humiliating doing it so publicly.


Erotica: Standing at Attention

I walked in through his garage, and he opened the door to let me in. We looked at each other, and I hoped that he would kiss me. He is such a good kisser! But he didn’t.

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