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Review: Bondage Ball 2015 (Los Angeles)

Marking its twelfth year, the Bondage Ball returned with all its highly anticipated fanfare and accoutrements. Organized annually by kink enthusiast Mr. Matthew Grimm, the ball attracts hundreds of party attendees as a pre-4th of July bash. Bondage Ball’s home for the last few years is the spacious 333Live; boasting large open rooms with multi-stories. This place has a few … [Read more...]

It’s ok to be submissive

First, what do I mean by "s-type"? For those that don't know I refer to anyone that identifies as a slave, submissive, bottom, pet, property, or babygirl/boy (etc) as an s-type. It's just an easier way to refer to this group without listing every specific identifier. What does it mean to identify as an s-type? Why would someone desire, or even crave, to yield their control … [Read more...]

Muse in Metal

Model: Muse No sooner had the metal fastened around her wrists than Muse felt a sudden helplessness overcome her. So hard, so unbending, so cold. She had played around with rope and leather before, but this was something different. Her pulse quickened as she knew that he held the only key, and that he wouldn't release her until she had passed his tests. Three tasks he set … [Read more...]

Welcome to Kink Weekly

Welcome to Kink Weekly! We’ve been working hard to create a place with interesting, relevant content for people interested in bondage, power exchange, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism. Whether you identify as Dominant, submissive, switch, or one of the myriad of other fun BDSM roles, I hope you’ll find something interesting here. Like many kinky people, I’ve … [Read more...]

BDSM – Where do I begin? Part 1

The most frequent question I am asked is “where do I begin?” Rather than just copy the “Fifty Shades of Grey” template – after all, few of you have a helicopter – let’s give you real BDSM. Minus the helicopter! So, where exactly do you start? You start online. Everyone is a beginner once, and almost all people get into D/s and BDSM via the Internet. Even the invitations to … [Read more...]