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FetLife Etiquette

FetLife is meant to be the kink lifestyle version of Facebook. Many people assume it's more like a dating site. However that was not the original purpose, which is why you can't search for specific types. Just like anything online, FetLife is prone to trolling and people basically acting in a way they wouldn't if they were standing in front of you. In this article I want to … [Read more...]

Erotica: Michelle

She always sat in the back corner. Who knows what time she had to arrive each night to get that spot? It had the best vantage point of the room. There was no movement on the floor she couldn't watch. And she watched. Every night she watched. He'd been watching her for weeks. They'd never made eye contact. Her eyes were always scanning the room, glossing over heads and … [Read more...]

BDSM Aftercare

What is aftercare? What does it entail? Why do people need/want it? Aftercare, in its simplest definition, is something that takes place in the time following a scene. In my opinion, it's best to think of aftercare as a part of a scene - the last chapter of the story, so to speak. First, let's talk about what aftercare may look like. It is different for different … [Read more...]

Top Ten BDSM Tips

All of us have read, at one time or another, one of those Cosmo “Ten Ways to a Better Relationship” type article. Most times, the tips are rehashed advice you have heard ten thousand times before. But once in a while, there is a tip that gives you a technique you might never have thought of in a million years – one that really helps your relationship. (At least until the … [Read more...]

Week of October 19th, 2015

Kink Weekly is on the road this week, reporting to you live from beautiful New Zealand. It’s a good distance from our usual base of Los Angeles, but we are pleased to find that the kink scene is alive and well down under. We’ll have a more detailed write-up about the local scene here in next week’s edition. Dom Con Atlanta just finished up. By all accounts it was a great … [Read more...]