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Week of October 12, 2015

It's been a big week of kink! On Saturday night we had the pleasure of attending the inaugural "1010" play party at The Decameron Los Angeles. It was a great crowd, with a lot of beautiful Mistresses and Fem-doms. anniebear has been busy coordinating some photo shoots with some wonderful new models, and I've been meeting a lot of wonderful and well-known kinksters … [Read more...]

The References 411

So, in a lot of writings online on sites devoted to BDSM and WIITHWD (What It Is That We Do), I constantly see notes about vetting the people you play with and checking references. On one site, a young lady who was new to a town wanted to get some ideas on how best to check the experience of a Dom who was courting her. She got the usual suggestions, then someone said … [Read more...]

anniebear the maid

Mistress is out again. At coffee, or lunch, or brunch. Probably brunch. anniebear cleans. Sweep, mop, scrub... the weight of metal on wrists, ankles, neck, reminding her of her submission. Steel wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs supplied by Stockroom. … [Read more...]

Opinion: The roles that bind

Why I feel a switch is more of a master than a master The reason I'm writing this is to help those who have hit a wall and have finally stopped believing everyone who refers to them as such just because they typed it on a screen when creating a profile - but rather hears the quiet voice in their head that speaks only the truth that they can no longer ignore. Mastery as a … [Read more...]

Slave vs. submissive

Just go to any BDSM party and bring up the topic, slave vs. submissive (or bottom), and you will start the gazillionth debate on this topic. Join any Internet BDSM posting group and doubtless you will have your e-mail box chock full of mail whenever this topic is brought up. Since there are no hard and fast definitions of submissive and slave, much of what has been written … [Read more...]