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Slave Contracts: Part Two

“A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it is written on.” Samuel Goldwyn. Last week, we presented two “slave contracts”; this week we will offer, as promised, some additional contracts. This group should fulfill all your “slave contract” needs. But first, some additional observations are in order. (You can skip this section and get to the contracts; no one is … [Read more...]

Mistress Lucy

Photographer: Dexx Model: Mistress Lucy … [Read more...]

Slave Contracts: Part One

“The elephant in the room.” You’ve heard that expression a million times. For us at Kink Weekly, the “elephant in the room” is Fifty Shades of Grey. It has brought a kinda-sorta BDSM consciousness to the masses; its effects, both good and bad, cannot be ignored. This article will not address the pros and cons of this film, but rather it will expand on one of the most … [Read more...]

Week of November 23, 2015

On Saturday night, LA kink luminary Rope_Daddy celebrated his birthday in style. Artist Seizo was kind enough to open up his studio for the occasion, and much merriment was had by all. It was an action packed weekend elsewhere, with all of the local dungeons hosting play parties of one type or another. I caught up with Portland-based professional Dom Eclipse for an … [Read more...]

Kinksgiving, share the kinky love

I remember when I first started my journey in the kink community. After years of just playing in private in relationships, and feeling embarrassed and awkward talking about my BDSM interests, I finally came to my first munch, then another, then a play party. I felt overjoyed that I was speaking with people that shared many of these same interests and desires about bondage, … [Read more...]