Archives for December 2015

The Willing Subject

Photographer: Dexx Models: Mistress Lucy and Renatta Collete She loved to serve. To be subjected to the most mundane tasks pleased her immensely. Mistress enjoyed the torment. A foot stool, a shelf, any inanimate object-left for minutes or hours if she pleased. … [Read more...]

Baadmaster’s Guide to Public Play: Part Two

In this second installment of our “Complete Guide To Public Play” we will examine the ins and outs of public play itself. The first question is, why do so many lifestylers play in public? The answer to this query could fill a book. But, rather than ramble on “big book style,” let’s try and be as succinct as possible. There is an historical aspect to public BDSM play. Back in … [Read more...]

Five Kinky Toys for My X-Mas Vacation

I’m taking anniebear to Mexico for five nights over the Christmas holiday. So as I pack, I thought I’d share with you the five toys that are getting packed in the suitcase to keep us entertained. Sneak preview – I found some pretty unique new toys at Edgeplay Gear that I’ll be test driving. If you want to snag some for yourself, don’t forget to enter promo code “kinkweekly” … [Read more...]

Week of December 21, 2015

I watched Mistress Lucy do a scene with her male “service animal” this weekend. She has a certain style to her domination. It’s certainly devious, definitely mean, but it’s also so… playful. Not only that, but she seems to have such great dialogue with her pet. She taunts and teases him with every new devious twist, drawing him deeper into that special headspace. My … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

Photographer: ReddDyver Model: Zamra Rigger: Rope_Daddy In honor of the coming holiday, Zamra wanted to share her wish list for Santa. Some of those items looks a ittle bit naughty, and we like it! … [Read more...]