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Five Aspects of BDSM We Forget

My timing is fortuitous for this article, it being the new year and all. Perhaps some of you can add these items to your list of new year resolutions. While I love the lifestyle and specifically the scene in LA, there are some key elements that are sometimes overlooked. In an effort to not make this a list of rants, I’ve tried to offer supportive advice for each item. Feel free … [Read more...]

BDSM Urban Legends Exposed

Since all of us have been hit with Urban Legends in the vanilla world, must there also be "BDSM Urban Legends"? The answer is "Yes!" In the spirit of the tabloid mythbusters, we here at Kink Weekly will take a look at some of the “BDSM Urban Legends” and examine them to see if they hold up. As we have yet to see anybody else challenge them, it is time to check the veracity … [Read more...]

Pushing a Dynamic

This, like most of my articles, is for both sides of the slash. Let’s start with what you hear of more commonly. The D-type pushing boundaries or pressuring an s-type, especially the newbies, to act as if they are in a power exchange dynamic. So all you s-types listen up: Just because you’re AN s-type, doesn’t mean you’re HIS or HER s-type! If you haven’t heard this before, … [Read more...]

Predator Pro-Dommes

If you are a male sub this article might be the most important one you will ever read (this might seem excessive hyperbole - until this article saves you heart ache and wallet ache.) Lately, with BDSM going mainstream, with “Fifty Shades” paving the way, there has been a plethora (not an “epidemic – after all Kink Weekly is not Fox News) of what I call “Predator Pro Dommes” … [Read more...]

All You Can Eat Buffet: An Approach to BDSM

Not everyone is fortunate enough to cross the boundary into kink accompanied by a friend or a mentor. New people might say to themselves “well, I have to look around, see what my options are, and then I’ll figure out where I want to be. I have to see everything first.” That’s the All You Can Eat Buffet approach. So, what might be better? How about a Be True to Self approach. … [Read more...]