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anniebear Interviews Downtown Willy

You’re really well known for your dungeon furniture in Los Angeles and across the country and I’m pretty sure almost every dungeon in Los Angeles has at least one piece of your furniture. Almost! So how did you come to start making dungeon furniture. Well I’ve always been into the lifestyle. I kind of started early. I had a girlfriend who was a professional Dominatrix … [Read more...]

anniebear in rope

Photographer: -Knots-Master- Models: anniebear Rope by: MasterK … [Read more...]

Erotica: Under the table

My family was in the furniture business. Twice a year, we'd attend the big furniture convention (yep, there's such a thing) in San Francisco. When I say it was the family business, I mean the whole family. Not just my parents, but my grandmother, all my uncles, my dad's cousins, even my mom's brother: everyone had their own store. Combined we had some pretty bad-ass purchasing … [Read more...]

Top Ten Submissive Desires

Once again we wander into the province of a Cosmo style article. Cosmo style notwithstanding, I think this article is an important – and fun -- read for Dom/mes of all levels. After all, one should have a rough idea what most sub’s want before you attempt to close the deal – whether it is for a one-nighter or a more permanent arrangement. For this article, I have … [Read more...]

This Week in Kink (March 20, 2016)

Canada: A new study in Quebec has revealed that sexual deviancy and kink are the new norm! We can now stop producing articles for Kink Weekly since this is all considered normal now...just kidding :) The study results show that "almost every second person was deemed a sexual deviant according to the DSM"- the DSM being the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. … [Read more...]