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Erotica: My First Threesome

I'd been curious about being with a woman. Slut Logic: I'm used to being with men; therefore, my first time with a woman should also include a man! And so it was that I found myself in an AOL chat room at 18 years old and talking to this couple interested in finding a cute local girl for a threesome. The only digital image I had of myself was my scanned high school senior … [Read more...]

Ready for anything

Photographer: Greeneyes_smile Model: Nicole … [Read more...]

Collaring Part Two: The Ceremony

Last week’s issue I wrote about collars and collaring. Types of collars, materials and representations. Once a couple has journeyed down the path of collaring with the end result of the Official Collar, many consider holding a Collaring Ceremony. If you think of the ceremony as being parallel with the vanilla wedding ceremony you can see that it should hold a high level of … [Read more...]


Polyamory – the practice of a Master or Mistress having more than one slave – is one of the most exciting yet elusive of relationships to pursue in our BDSM lifestyle. Theoretically, a Master – in those D/s relationships where having more than one slave is not proscribed -- can have as many slaves as he wants. Theoretically. Theoretically, the President is Commander in Chief of … [Read more...]

Event Review: The Villains Ball

What better way to celebrate twenty years as a self-proclaimed professional villain than by holding a party in a dungeon! The Villains Ball at Threshold in Los Angeles hosted by Tim Woodman a.k.a ProVillain of the adult entertainment world was a gathering of some of the best of the kink adult industry. I was flying solo as Dexx was out of town and I was definitely worried that … [Read more...]