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This week in kink, May 30th 2016

Worldwide: Blowjob 101. Our friends over at Carvaka Toys sent us this … [Read more...]

Kali’s Embrace

Photographer: JJ MacCrimmon Model: Kali Rose The honeyed light of candles spilled softly across her skin leaving shadows and stories in their wake. Patchouli, sandalwood and benzoin incense smoke trails swirled over her embracing her like gentle spirits drifting over her lean figure on the bed. The brazier of soft burning charcoal heated the room so her mostly bare, … [Read more...]

Controversy time: Predator Doms

In a previous, contentious article, “Predator Pro-Dommes,” I warned against a new breed of faux Pro-Dommes invading the BDSM world post “Fifty Shades.” Although the response was largely positive (and most who excoriated me did not carefully read what I wrote), I admitted one major error, and I quote: “If there is one large error that I made, it was to not add that there are … [Read more...]

Oh, the things one sees at DomCon!!!!

For any of our regular readers, you know we recently attended DomCon in Los Angeles. This is the largest lifestyle and professional BDSM event in the Los Angeles area and it is highly anticipated by all! Kink Weekly was in the house talking about our magazine and also meeting some of our readers, which was extremely rewarding! We had some fun stickers to hand out and I … [Read more...]

New Organization Founded, Los Angeles Consent Summit

Los Angeles Consent Summit: A Coalition of Communities On Wed May 18th, the first Los Angeles Consent Summit took place at The Hilton LAX, in conjunction with DomCon. The basic concept began as a gathering of the many underground and alternative communities in LA, as represented by various leaders, venue owners, party throwers, and event coordinators. Rather than a lecture … [Read more...]