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Erotica: The Embrace

This story is inspired by the photo set "Kali's Embrace". The honeyed light of candles spilled softly across her skin leaving shadows and stories in their wake. Patchouli, sandalwood and benzoin incense smoke trails swirled over her embracing her like gentle spirits drifting over her lean figure on the bed. The brazier of soft burning charcoal heated the room so her mostly … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Orpheus Black

Dexx: Mr. Orpheus Black. You’re a BDSM educator, Pro Dom, lifestyle speaker, adult video star; you seem to have your hand in a lot of different projects. I read one of your quotes, “I only started doing bondage after a guy told me I was too old to start doing bondage and be really good.” So I’m curious to know… how old were you when you first started with BDSM and how did you … [Read more...]

Top Ten Things I Learned at DomCon 2016

Now that DomCon is over, those of us that attended are kind of “bondaged-out.” So instead of offering my typical seven hundred word BDSM article, I thought it was time for a lighter take on the world of kink. Thus, “Top Ten Things I Learned At DomCon” -- a ridiculous, politically incorrect list that probably makes no sense. (Thanks to David Letterman – a Dom!) Feel free to add … [Read more...]

Jamie in Stocks

Photographer: Dexx Model: Jamie Alexander We found Jamie at DomCon. She was assisting her Master at Tawan Leather, and by assist we mean getting a heavy flogging as the demo bottom all weekend. We enjoyed watching the show and you can see the bruises she bares from her Master's ministrations. We were able to steal her away for some photos in a beautiful set of … [Read more...]

Experienced s-type & New D-type

For those who don’t know, this past weekend was DomCon. I was teaching a 101 class the last day and was taking a few questions near the end. One question was about where best to start exploring as a couple. I was glad I asked a couple of questions of my own first. I said that it may depend on level of experience of both partners. I asked if the question was for two people … [Read more...]