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In bondage…

Photographer: Vice Erotica Model:VTKinkster She was a willing "victim," luxuriating under the attention of the camera. Her eyes gave away so much yet kept that little bit hidden as evidenced by her slight smile. … [Read more...]

Protocol and Rituals

First thing in the morning you send your Sir a text as soon as you wake up knowing you will receive a text back with a familiar response. After you play you assume your agreed upon position until ordered to stand and then you both sit together, your head in his lap. Then after a while you quietly talk about the scene. Upon returning home to your Mistress you set your … [Read more...]

What is a mentor?

This article was one I had not planned to write. It really is not a fun topic; it is kind of dull and boring. Short of telling “this mentor walks into a bar” jokes, I cannot really make it interesting. Since my aim has always been to be fun to read, writing an article about mentors seems about as exciting as writing about great moments in hubcap history. But since this … [Read more...]

Erotica: Taming Her Beast, Part One

With closed eyes, he could rightfully smell the beauty of the foreign land he found himself within. It was old and full of magic. The rotting trees that had cracked underneath his boots were birthing taller and stronger trees out of their crumbling bodies. The roots of the old and new held together moist dirt so fertile it could grow wheat on a patch of ice in the middle of … [Read more...]

Conclusion of Showtime’s Submission, Episodes 5 & 6

Submission goes full on erotic thriller and sets us up for a possible season 2. A real life submissive reviews the final two episodes of Showtime’s Submission. After 6 episodes of Submission, I’ve pretty much exceeded my lifetime quota for soft porn. The show was hyped as a series that dared to go where 50 Shades of Grey didn’t. But where is that exactly? The first … [Read more...]