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Are You Vanilla Or Genuinely Submissive?

This article originally appeared on A bright new submissive wrote me asking how could she tell if she was really submissive? The question seemed slightly moot at first, as the reason we were speaking was because I was a Dom and she was a submissive seeking knowledge. Nonetheless the question and our ensuing discussion quickly touched on a variety of key … [Read more...]

This week in kink, July 25th, 2016

London: Piggybacking on a previous article we featured a few weeks ago, feminist pornography producer Pandora Blake is back again. This time she is helping reshape the way the general population views "taboo" fantasies such as spanking and rape play. Thanks again in part to The Guardian who seems to be featuring more and more BDSM oriented news these days. Worldwide: … [Read more...]

Erotica: Pecking Order

I wanted to share an excerpt from an emerging new erotica author Tracey DeSanto. Enjoy! -anniebear The sun had not peered over the ridge, but the morning sky already glowed indigo in anticipation of the dawn. Henry couldn’t think straight. He loped distractedly towards the stables to begin his work, worried for his soul. Since he had found his position at Master Brown’s … [Read more...]

Stepping on Landmines

Trigger warning: This article is about triggers. If this triggers you, please be advised and continue with caution. “Trigger” is a word that is used to cover many types and severities of things that may come up during a scene on a psychological or emotional level. The tough part is that much of the time we don’t know what triggers we have until they are activated. Obviously … [Read more...]

Red Rope

Red Rope from Kinbaku Tanto We love this recent video "Red Rope" from Kinbaku Tanto. The ropework is excellent, but what we like most is the sensual chemistry he has with his model. Watch out - it gets a little steamy towards the end! … [Read more...]