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Objectification: Part One

There are so many activities that come under the broad banner of BDSM, D/s and fetish that it is hard to classify them in any logical way. This in itself is no big deal; it is not necessary to put every type of play into a neat little box – other then for purposes of discussion. Furthermore, often a given type of play takes on different dimensions depending on the players. For … [Read more...]

A day in the life: Office Work

Photographer: Vice Erotica Model: Lady D Royal and Renata Colette Having prepared her Lady for the day to come, she continued about her chores and met back with Her in the office for coffee service...and then some. Her Lady often scolded her for being such a delectable distraction, but she could hardly help it after all. She languished under her Lady's attentions. … [Read more...]

This week in kink, July 18th, 2016

Worldwide: This fascinating read covers Wonder Woman and her glorious history as a kinky icon, feminist leader, and sex object. What's your take on the classic character? Portland, Oregon: Portland is leading the pack these days in polyamory acceptance. Apparently the city is running "rampant" with it. Groups, classes, and meet ups abound to help other non-monogomy fans … [Read more...]

Heavy Play, Safe Play

After a series of articles that were aimed primarily at newbies, we will address the concerns of those of you who want to be heavy players. Often times you meet on forums like FetLife or at local dungeons – or even here! -- and both of you click because you have the need for heavy play. And, of course, you both want it to be safe. Many heavy players eschew the safe word; … [Read more...]

The “Charlie Brown” Scene

You know the one. Everything just goes sideways. Nothing you planned seems to go the way you imagined. There are a few ways this can happen, but for this article I’m not going to talk about hitting triggers or pushing limits too far. I’m going to focus on a scene that includes things that you’ve maybe done a hundred times. A scene that, on paper, should be … [Read more...]