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Erotica: No, no, no…Yes

The orgasm had been building. I was at the edge. He was above me, looking down. Those details don't matter. That's not what this is about. I was wearing those clamps. The clover clamps. The orgasm had been building. "Yes," he said, answering the question asked wordlessly with my eyes and a whimper. My eyes closed. I didn't see it coming. The orgasm exploded, … [Read more...]

The Doctor is In: Medical Play

When writing for an audience that spans beginners to advanced and from weekend warriors to 24/7, it is often hard to find an area that will interest most of our kinky readers. Medical play appears to fit the bill. Of all the BDSM scenarios I have written about, medical play is the one of a few – such as wax play -- where “no experience is necessary.” Except for the more … [Read more...]

BDSM Financial Domination: A How To

Financial Domination is one of the most popular and controversial forms of BDSM currently trending. Many are dubious of the legitimacy of this form of domination while some of the most popular BDSM news stories center around women raking in the cash with these techniques. One point that cannot be denied is that many people enjoy this form of consensual, financial domination. … [Read more...]

Erotica: The Preparation

I was honored to be called to serve Her again. Every time I am asked to serve Her my mind races to all the fantastic memories of my servitude to Her. The very first time I served Her I was reticent. The limits were needed initially but today She can use me however She wishes as I trust Her completely. I never know what She has up Her sleeves. I undressed as soon as I enter … [Read more...]

Two Dom or Not Two Dom

That is the question. How the heck can having two Doms in your life work? (For purposes of this article I am using “Dom” as reference to a D-type regardless of gender identity.) We are all used to seeing the Dom with more than one sub. Minus the complications and issues that sometimes come along with the poly aspect of that situation, the “one Dom, two subs” (or more) makes … [Read more...]