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Erotica: Master of O, One

Everything in the enormous hotel bar was bright and blonde: the gleaming veneers of the square, modern furnishings, the pin-spots studding the ceiling, the leather upholstery on the stool where Steven Diamond was parked with his shoulders squared – even the bartender, golden hair spilling down the back of her snug, black uniform jacket. The bar crowned a glass and steel tower … [Read more...]

Buying guide – Blindfolds

Someone should tell blindfold makers... "you only had one job!" And that is, to prevent the wearer from seeing anything. And yet, so many of the bondage blindfolds on the market fail at this simple task. Secondary objectives include comfort, preventing all light, and aesthetic appeal. Most blindfolds out there fail one or more of these. We found the few that are pretty … [Read more...]

Styles of Zenshin

Photographer: Zenshin We bring you more of Zenshin's photography. His photos always leave you wanting to know more of the story. What's going on behind the scenes? What's going to happen next? Each photo just gives a hint of what's going on. You can learn more about Zenshin and hear his podcast here. … [Read more...]

Chastity for Everyone! Part Two

Read part one here. Let’s start with a BDSM riddle: “A Master asks his slave to spank him. Does this change the D/s dynamic?” The answer, at least to this observer, is that it likely won’t. Although the slave might not have signed on to be a pain-giver, he/she will probably grin and “just do it.” In this brave new world of gender – and even play – fluidity, it is … [Read more...]

This week in kink, August 22nd, 2016

Worldwide: Here's an article in support of teaching young people about BDSM during sex education to better inform them about the issues surrounding consent. This piece actually makes a pretty compelling argument citing a recent study conducted by psychology researcher Kathryn Klement. What do you think? United States: In the wake of this crazy election, we have one more … [Read more...]