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The Outing Guide

With the new found mainstream popularity of BDSM – mostly due to social media and the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series – I have gotten many questions similar to the following one -- “I’m tired of hiding my true, kinky self from my family and friends. But, I’m afraid they won’t understand. Is it possible to out myself without it blowing up in my face? How, when and to whom … [Read more...]

Erotica: The Education of Amanda, Introduction to Degradation

The second time I talked with my mentor on the phone, I was very excited. Already the first time, my pussy had responded to him, squirting all over and soaking my bed. I had never experienced such a thing, that someone could do this with just their voice, and tone. So almost as soon as we started talking, my pussy began responding again. I put the dildo in me as he … [Read more...]

Video: Domestic Bliss

Domestic Bliss from Duke Elita Darling breaking in her new submissive companion. … [Read more...]

O: Of Sonnets, Mnemonics and Desiring the Impossible

In her poem which begins 'Even long after my death' Maria Martins (1900-1973), the vivacious wife of the Brazilian ambassador to the United States who was known to others as simply 'Maria' the surrealist sculptor and lover of artist Marcel Duchamp, exclaimed; Even long after my death Long after your death I want to torture you I want the thought of me to coil around your … [Read more...]

A Masochist is Not Necessarily a Submissive

“A masochist is not necessarily a submissive; a sadist is not necessarily a Dom.” Perhaps no other words evoke such debate about our lifestyle as “sadist” and “masochist.” And before the (in this case, positive) influence of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” anytime one said they were into BDSM, the usual vanilla retort was, “So, you beat your partner.” Sadism, until recently, seems … [Read more...]