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Video: Bound

Bound from Matt Rose I was personally touched by the narrative on this video. I believe the speaker perfectly articulates what submission is to a lot of people. Perhaps you can relate to him as well. -anniebear … [Read more...]

Event Review: Auckland Fetish Ball

It was more than we could have ever expected! Dexx and I found out there was an Auckland, New Zealand Fetish Ball and we just had to check it out while visiting the city. We'd attended a few other events in Auckland last year and knew there was a thriving Kiwi kink scene. This event, now in its 16th year proved to be as much fun and in some cases even better than the extremely … [Read more...]

Erotica: Hotel Room

"I don't see a lot of these," she pressed her forehead against the glass and looked down. "What, fire escapes?" He was unpacking the cords and chargers from his backpack. "Yeah. Mostly see them in movies - you know, like in Pretty Woman and stuff that takes place in New York. There aren't many fire escapes in the suburbs." "Pretty Woman, huh?" He smiled. She turned. … [Read more...]

Responsible Fear Play

Fear play is not usually something people jump into right away when they’re new to the scene. Although, even if you think you’ve never done any fear play, you might be wrong. Fear play runs on a long spectrum much like most other things. Ever been spanking a bottom again and again and again then suddenly stop and give pause, only to surprise them with one hard smack! That … [Read more...]

Opinion: How S-types See Their Dominan Deeply

It is my experience that my submissives relate to me on several different levels all at once. In this article I’d like to play with the possibility that there are five identifiable levels. Their way of looking at their dom(me) and breathing your greatness can be thought of as falling into five categories. These groupings start at a barely human, earthy level and escalate to … [Read more...]