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BDSM Water Sports

We here at strive to present all forms of BDSM, D/s play and kink. If water sports isn’t your cup of tea, then you should “wait ‘til next week” -- to paraphrase a sports adage. Water sports – or golden showers (commonly abbreviated g.s.) – is defined as playing with pee. It can be peeing on or in the submissive, making the submissive drink pee or any other … [Read more...]

Buying Guide – Bondage Mitts

Bondage mitts... oh what fun! OK, unlike cuffs, collars and floggers, these aren't part of your every day BDSM scene. When you bring these out to play, you'll be making a statement to your submissive. And that is "you might be able to move your arms around, but you sure won't be doing anything useful with them until I'm ready to let you out". For many players, mitts … [Read more...]

Video: Dominant Desires

Dominant Desires from Brett Earl Photography This sexy video will leave you wanting more. These stunning women have amazing chemistry and you can only imagine what fun they will have together. I also enjoyed the music accompaniment. … [Read more...]

Erotica: Poker Night at Master of O’s

The next time he called, Steven instructed O to put on full makeup “as slutty as possible,” and present herself at his place at nine-thirty p.m. When O arrived, she found the large table covered in green felt and set up for blackjack, with decks of guilt-edged playing cards and stacks of clay chips. The sight made O’s stomach flutter. As usual, Steven (dressed tonight in a … [Read more...]

Behavior Modification

There is a belief that skillful Dominance can affect major behavior modifications in a submissive. (The most famous illustration of this idea is when “Christian The Helicopter Dom” in Fifty Shades walks into a hardware store and thinks he can make a random cashier into his slave.) The crux of this theory is, that by using a combination of positive and negative reinforcements, … [Read more...]