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One kinky, One vanilla, One roof

Often times an already established couple enters the scene together. Perhaps they’ve been dating a while, living together, or even married. They start going to a few classes and a munch or two. Perhaps they make it out to a party and start including kink during their “sexy time”. Unfortunately, after giving it a good shot, one partner just isn’t feeling it. Partner A feels … [Read more...]

Introducing a New Person to BDSM

We've written several articles similar to this topic in the past but with the caveat that you were either dating or romantically interested in the new person or perhaps it was a vanilla person you're trying to convert. This article will cover aspects and ideas for introducing a kinky platonic friend into the scene, something which I've had personal experience with multiple … [Read more...]

This week in kink, December 16th, 2016

Experts have dubbed 2017 the year of "vagina-nomics." Apparently women will be leading the way in sex toy design and we couldn't be more thrilled. It's about time women disrupt a (not surprisingly) male dominated market. Take a look at what some women have in mind. We only with we could go to this celebration of one of our favorite BDSM films "The Secretary." The Glasgow … [Read more...]

Erotica: La Patrona, Chapter Three

Read parts one and two here. “You may exhale,” said Dr. Acosta as she cinched the chastity belt snugly around Emilio’s waist. He felt the belt constrain his breathing slightly as he did so. “It’s too tight.” “Nonsense, servants need the feeling of constriction less they forget they are servants.” “Makes sense. Hey!” Emilio said as Dr. Acosta hand forcefully slapped … [Read more...]

Video: How To Equip A Bed For Bondage

Happy Holidays everyone! We wanted to give you this cheap and easy trick to kink out your bedroom for some bondage. We hope some of our readers put this helpful tutorial from Crash restraint to use. Let us know if you do in the comments! How To Equip A Bed for Bondage from Crash Restraint … [Read more...]