This week in kink, February 20th, 2017


Locally, here in Los Angeles, one of our main dungeons Threshold is holding their annual board elections. Apparently there are many positions opening up so lots of opportunity for those interested to apply. Submission candidate statements are due by March 12th and can be sent to Five board positions needs to be filled including: Coordinator, Assistant … [Read more...]

Vidoe: A Straightforward Guide to Kink


While slightly less visually stimulating than some of the videos we've previously featured, this short educational video on kink is still fun to watch. Do you think they covered all the basics? Let us know in the comments! A Straightforward Guide to Kink from Jackie Lay … [Read more...]

Erotica: Then and Now

romantic girl

Then... I tried not to move, to stay still, but I was shaking uncontrollably. I was naked...on all fours...on hands and knees with my legs spread in between two women, two incredible women. It was only moments before that the three of us stood in polite conversation, all well dressed and socializing as you would at any dinner party. But we weren't socializing any more, … [Read more...]

BDSM and Mental Punishment

Scared woman victim of domestic torture and abuse

With the debut of the second “Fifty Shades” movie (which I have seen), one classic, and most fun, aspect of BDSM has been overlooked – training a slave. Although in previous articles I have stated that one usually cannot change human nature – or turn a Dominant personality into a submissive – part of the excitement of BDSM is training a submissive how to best please his/her … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Fifty Shades Darker


We know many are tired of having this movie shoved down their throats, however we would not be doing our job as a weekly news and educational source without addressing the second installment in the franchise responsible for bringing (perhaps incorrectly) BDSM and kink into the forefront of society. I saw the movie with my partner Dexx on a rainy afternoon in LA. The theater was … [Read more...]