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Exhibitionism and Public Play

I’ve been wanting to write on a topic that is near and dear to by heart; exhibitionism or rather the act of drawing attention to yourself and/or being naked in public. If you’re purely looking at the textbook definition, it seems quite limited. In my opinion, exhibitionism spans over many parts of BDSM which I will attempt to cover in this article. Personally I very much enjoy … [Read more...]

Video: Appetite

Appetite from Grayson Kohs … [Read more...]

This week in kink, March 27th, 2017

A new dungeon set to open in a few months in the UK has quite the set up. The space is headed by Goddess L'Amour. I was particularly impressed by their full stable set up. I wish them well and hope they do not get too much push back from local governments. Sorry to beat a dead horse (too late) but we've come across an article from someone who claims to be a pro-Dom and sub. … [Read more...]

Erotica: Ninety Three Seconds

I'm certain I was yammering as we walked through the door. There was a plan: to drink, to cook, to eat, and to fuck. I had assumed in that order, and therefore, was not expecting to be held by the hair and drag/pushed into the living room. That was certainly a surprise. But when he pulled the pillows off the sofa and dropped them to the floor before me, I had an … [Read more...]

Long-Term BDSM

The question I get asked most often is how to keep a long-term (over ten years) BDSM relationship fresh and exciting. Since my current live-in situation has lasted for eight years, I am close enough to ten years to offer counsel. As with all advice, it should be filed under the category of “opinion.” That said, just talking about the subject can be enlightening – so let’s go! … [Read more...]