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In our BDSM, kinky world, mummification refers to the complete immobilization of the bottom. Although, in this article, I will describe “saran wrap” mummification, technology has given us other tools for this type of play – most notably vacuum body bags. Although vacuum play renders the bottom immobile and is rather effective from a play point of view, the saran wrap variety is … [Read more...]

Erotica: Good Girl

She entered the dark house hesitantly. Slowly. Her hand shook as she closed the door behind her, grasping her coat closed in the front with the other hand. She stood, eyes straining, ears at attention. There was only one slight creak of the floor and her head was covered from behind as she was lifted off of the floor. She was shoved against the wall, her purse and then coat … [Read more...]

My Silicone Love

An intimate look inside one man's life with his collection of silicone dolls. My Silicone Love from Sophie Dros … [Read more...]

Book Review: Future Sex by Emily Witt

I first discovered Future Sex while researching topics for our “This week in kink” section on Kink Weekly. I’m always on the prowl for BDSM news or anything pertaining to sex and alternative relationships. I saved the book information and moved along only to circle back to it again once I had some serious travel coming up. Having secured the book into my Kindle app on my … [Read more...]

Top 5 List of Beginner Toys and Types of play

From the title of this article you may have assumed that you would find a list of specific toys that are great for beginners. However, since I like to keep readers on their toes – that is not exactly what you are going to get. I will reference specific toys of course – but the list is written with a broader stroke of the brush. Enjoy… 1) Hands In my opinion your hands … [Read more...]