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This week in kink, April 24th, 2017

There is a lot going on in Los Angeles kink this time of year. As summer approaches, the parties ramp up! This weekend Leather HEAT takes place in Burbank. Then in just a few short weeks, DomCon Los Angeles will bring Pro-Dommes from all over the planet for a multi-day event. I'll personally be speaking on a panel about Old Guard vs. New Guard, a definite hot button topic as of … [Read more...]

Kink Weekly Launch Party – tickets on sale now

GET TICKETS HERE We are very excited to tell you that we will be hosting an official Kink Weekly Launch Party on June 10, 2017, in our hometown of Los Angeles, California. While we have been online for a little over a year now, we have recently achieved some great milestones in our readership and want to celebrate this with a unique BDSM event for our writers, … [Read more...]

The Kink Ratings List

Since this site is “Kink Weekly,” kink is rather important to us. Often, I am asked how do you find a partner who has similar perversions to yourself? Although it is easier said than done, I think the most important thing is to “know thyself.” Understanding what you love, like or dislike is a big first step in finding out what you are looking for. In this article, I will … [Read more...]

Poly Hierarchy

Want to know the right way to do poly? I have the answer. The answer is…….there is no right way! Sorry. There may be a right way for one person, however, that may not be the right way for another, or anyone else for that matter. One part of “doing poly” is how you describe your poly. What words do you use to describe various partners, metamours, or yourself? It … [Read more...]

This week in kink, April 17th, 2017

If you're in the US, happy tax week and happy belated Easter to everyone else. I hope you found something naughty in your easter basket, like these eggs from Stockroom. Locally, week one of the music festival Coachella has come to a close. Week two is gearing up and local Los Angelenos are more than pleased for the respite in traffic as everyone heads to Indio for the festival. … [Read more...]