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Erotica: Best Shot Ever

A sharp knock at the door interrupted Shannon’s preparations for the evening. Leaving the bedroom and hurrying to the entryway, she opened the door to find the building’s doorman waiting. “Joseph, hello,” she said, smiling. “Good evening, Ma’am. This package just arrived for you, so I thought I’d bring it right up.” He chuckled. “Maybe it’s a gift from an … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Bella Bathory

Dexx: Bella Bathory, you’re a Pro-Domme and a lifestyle educator, well known in the Los Angeles scene and around the country. Bella: Thank you. Dexx: I want to start out by asking you, how you first discovered BDSM. Bella: I came up in Chicago but I actually grew up in Vegas, which I call it akin to growing up in Disneyland. It’s a very surreal upbringing experience. … [Read more...]

This week in kink, May 29th, 2017

Less than two weeks until our Los Angeles Launch Party (June 10). In addition to our contributors, models and kinky friends, we'll also have some featured guests including Princess Marx, Lucy Khan, Arcane, slave daphne, Goddess Fae and more. Tickets are selling fast - if you don't already have one, you'd better hurry up and get yours if you don't want to miss out! … [Read more...]

BDSM: It Does a Body Good

Why is BDSM, kink and Power Exchange good for you? Here are 10 things: 1) Physical satisfaction I think this reason is the first one people think about when they think about kink and BDSM. Whether it fulfills sexual desires, sadistic or masochistic tendencies, or hedonistic fantasies get to come alive – many people are drawn to kink and the BDSM lifestyle because they want … [Read more...]

Top Ten Dungeon Tips

With the summer play party season upon us – and the launch party a little more than a week away – I think it might be enlightening to offer some “dungeon tips” to our readers. This article -- for both Doms and subs alike – is another compendium of tips compiled from real life interviews with members of L.A.’s famed dungeon, the Lair DeSade. They might not all … [Read more...]