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Collars: Another Perspective

Collars. In our DomConLA presentation, “Old Guard vs. New Guard,” we all agreed that, with the fashionistas’ adoption of the collar as a style, the meaning of the BDSM collar has been diluted. Or has it? Maybe it has lost its meaning to the outside world – wearing a slave collar will not shock the world anymore -- yet the most important aspect of the collar still remains. … [Read more...]

Event Review: The Hollywood Academy for Wayward Boys & Girls

The Hollywood Academy for Wayward Boys & Girls opened its doors at North Hollywood’s BDSM club Lair de Sade last weekend for its Spring Session. New students flocked to their doors, with plaid skirts and sharpened pencils – ready for a day of learning and surely a bit of discipline. All students had previously registered online to ensure their admittance, read through and … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Non-sexual Rewards & Punishments

This question was recently sent in to Kink Weekly: “My Dom and I are moving into a nonsexual version of our relationship due to personal reasons. But after so many years of sexual play, He is having a hard time separating sex from our D/s relationship, but I have told him it is possible. Can someone help me with nonsexual ideas for rewards and punishments that do not include … [Read more...]

This week in kink, May 15th, 2017

DomCon LA is happening this week! This is Los Angeles's largest and most highly attended event. I'm delighted to be speaking on a panel along with our regular contributor Baadmaster entitled "Old Guard vs. New Guard." If you're in the area we would love for you to attend Saturday, May 20th at 4:30pm. anniebear will also be in the audience giving out our famous Kink Weekly … [Read more...]

Video: F/M Spanking Play Interview, Miss Kimi

F/M Spanking Play Interview, Miss Kimi from Strict Wives … [Read more...]