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Product Spotlight: The Versatility of Bondage Cuffs

Not enough can be said about bondage involving leather cuffs and straps. Bondage cuffs are often one of the first things a newbie gravitates toward when they’re just starting out (after fuzzy handcuffs of course ;). I think this is due to not only the versatility but also the immediate headspace that the wearing of cuffs and collars brings to the submissive or bottom. If you’re … [Read more...]

The Bruise “Trophy”

We see the pictures all over Fetlife. Beautiful bruised bums… or backs…. or inner thighs… the list goes on. We gawk and smile, comment and “love”. While I, too, can admire marks left over from a fun, intense scene – and even be proud and look for bruises and marks on my own body, there are a couple of things I want to point out. One issue is that everyone marks … [Read more...]

This week in kink, June 13th, 2017

We finally had our launch party this past weekend and I'm pleased to note it was a success! It was so wonderful having past and current contributors, models, and photographers as well as friends of Kink Weekly in attendance. The performances and scenes were beautifully done by the likes of Goddess Fae, Princess Marx, Sir Gear, Mistress Lucy Khan, Arcane of Crow Academy, and … [Read more...]

Yoga and Bondage

Model: Tina Summers Rope: Diabolicous13 Tina liked yoga. She loved the serenity it brought her as all thoughts were pushed aside, and there was only her body and her breath. He liked rope. He liked the feel of the texture, the smell of the natural fibers. He loved binding women with it, drawing it across their skin and feeling them melt further into a haze of … [Read more...]

Dress to Express!

The “Kinkweekly Launch Party,” with Lovely Fate last Saturday night, was a terrific expression of what a great BDSM play party should be. A very cool crowd, great bondage and fire scenes and excellent food served by scantily clad submissive hostesses, all guaranteed a good time – even for me, being solo, as my submissive seriously sprained her ankle earlier in the day. (The … [Read more...]