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This week in kink: July 24th, 2017

This issue is all about the Dominants! Don't worry, we threw in Vic's fun take on dungeon etiquette and also some steamy erotica from Skye Leroux involving some "switchieness." I being of dominant mindset found all of this to be quite interesting but those of you who are submissive or switch will still find new and useful information here! As always, let us know what you think … [Read more...]

What is Dominance?

Much of what is written about D/s and BDSM concerns, duh, Dominance and submission. But what exactly are they? Are they inborn or acquired characteristics? If they are obtainable, how does one go about acquiring them? I think a good analysis of our kinky needs – after all, this is kink weekly -- is always good for the soul! Once in a while, we should all look inward and … [Read more...]

Video: XConfessions

We're very excited to present the trailer for these provocative and beautiful short films XConfessions by Erika Lust whom we've featured on our site before. You'll want to binge watch through all of them and wish they weren't just shorts! XConfessions from Erika Lust … [Read more...]

D-types: Knowing the Other Side

My last article was about s-types “knowing the other side” – so now it’s time for the D-types out there. I realize this is typically a harder sell. There are many D-types that when it’s suggested just to feel what their implements for play feel like they answer with something along the lines of, “Hell no!” I get it. You’re not a masochist. That’s fine, I’m not telling you … [Read more...]

Erotica: The Switch, Part One

Episode One “Finish your champagne,” he said, motioning at her glass with his hand. She laughed and dutifully downed the last inch of the bubbly golden nectar. “Your wish is my command,” she chuckled, holding up the empty flute. “Now what?” He leaned toward her, taking the glass with one hand and extending the other to help her rise from the couch. When she was … [Read more...]