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Raise Your Hand If You are a Sensualist

Not everyone is into pain (for pleasure). Not everyone who enjoys kink is into pain. A sensualist is not into pain. There are tens of thousands of sensualist dominants, sensualist submissives, sensualist slaves, and sensualist kinky players out in the wild who know what sensualism is about. Many of those thousands are entangled with the SM part of BDSM waters because it’s … [Read more...]

kirsten restrained

Photographer: Vice Erotica Rope: ShamelessOne Model: Kirsten Kirsten was a naughty girl. She teased and tormented her Sir with photos while he was away at work. Little did she know, Sir would be making a surprise visit for lunch... … [Read more...]

Erotica: Fits Like a Glove

She rolled the stocking up and over her knee, fastening it expertly to her pale pink garter. She grinned inwardly, knowing that she wouldn't be wearing the thigh high for too long anyhow, but presentation counts! She stepped back, admiring herself in the mirror. The pale pink set was exquisite on herself, even she could admit that. The shiny white patten leather heels … [Read more...]

Video: The Creases, Is it Love?

This music video has been making the round since it debuted a few weeks ago. I think its a really fun merging of two worlds. -anniebear The Creases, Is it Love? from Dylan Mark Duclos … [Read more...]

This week in kink, July 10th, 2017

We're all about paving the way and continually striving for inclusion. This story reported by LA Weekly totally fits the bill: a gay Muslim and the first Pakistani-American to participate in the International Mr. Leather. Hopefully his example will pave the way for others. This new "alternative" sex shop Wild Flower, offering body positive toys sounds pretty amazing. It … [Read more...]