Erotica: Where did my damn key go? Part Two

lock and chain

Read part one here. Where the hell is my damn key? Four days; I've dealt with four grueling days of not being able to touch myself. Jesus, how can anyone even do this with out even going insane?! Ever since I crossed paths with that dominating bimbo, my entire routine had changed. And to be honest, I was surprised at how much sex was in my life. From the moment I woke … [Read more...]



Tabu from Dorby Video Production … [Read more...]

This week in kink, August 14th, 2017

The Snctm house in Los Angeles

Local LA sex party with a BDSM influence Snctm is making waves with its one hundred million dollar membership, offered to one lucky guy after expanding it's parties to New York. Read more about this all-inclusive membership here. FetishCon kicked off this past weekend in St. Petersburg, FL. The event moved cities after years of holding its festivities in Tampa. Apparently … [Read more...]

The Live-In Slave


When we first enter our lifestyle, we often are swept away by the allure of an ideal world of Masters and slaves living in perfect synergy. The Master is in firm control; the slave willingly obeys every command. It works great online. It is awesome every other weekend. It is mind-boggling at the dungeon party. But, the idealized concept of a live-in Master/slave relationship is … [Read more...]

What is a Switch?


When someone tells you they identify as a Dominant or Master, submissive or slave - you have a pretty good idea what that means. But how about when someone tells you they're a switch? Well, it means you need to ask more questions. I often compare somebody that identifies as a switch to someone who identifies as bisexual. Now, before you get all upset, I understand that … [Read more...]