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The Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball

For Immediate Release: Contact: Black and Blue Media, 818-992-8312 Safe, Sane and Consensual Thrills Highlight Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball Annual gala in Las Vegas offers music, performance and sensual delights with a macabre twist Las Vegas, Nevada— Saturday, October 28 the Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball and Lifestyle Expo infiltrates the Red … [Read more...]

The Value of Resets

Sometimes in life we need to take a breather. It’s very innate for most people to want to barrel forward, and keep going despite their own emotional hang ups. But I have found, especially in a power exchange dynamic, it is so helpful to take a pause/reset to regroup, so service can be restored. Taking a pause allows individuals to gain a better understanding about the issue, … [Read more...]

Creating Your Identity

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not referring to how you identify in terms of D/s roles, gender or sexual orientation.  This article is about forming your online identity when you enter the world of kink and creating your name and online profile on Fetlife (or other online forum). This is inspired from two separate reader questions (one on kinkweekly and another sent to me … [Read more...]

Slave Contracts v. 2017

This article might be the most important one you will ever read. Hyperbole? Maybe. But with the latest frenzy regarding sexual harassment, we should re-examine our “slave contracts” and try to make them as bulletproof as possible. (Disclaimer: I am not an attorney; this article was written with the help of a Harvard-educated lawyer. Since laws vary from jurisdiction to … [Read more...]

Trust in D/s Relationships

There are some people out there that think that being a submissive means that we will do anything a dominant says. But that is clearly not the case. Submission is not given lightly, and it usually is only given to those that are deserving of that submission. The key ingredient that makes a submissive willing to give himself or herself over to a Dom in any capacity is trust. … [Read more...]