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It’s Not About You! The Need to Be Revived.

‘It’s not about you…’ the words rolled painfully through her heart.  ‘It’s not about you failing me in any way. It’s not about you not loving me and showing me.’  Words she wanted to tell him but he had walked away. For whatever reason she was yet to figure out, he had walked away and disconnected. Both shunned any trappings of drama. Life had enough of its own organic drama … [Read more...]

Katerina Piglet Latex

Katerina Piglet Latex from bulltosh on Vimeo. Music - Siberian Beast meets mr.moore - wien (original mix) latex by video by bulltosh Model Katerina Piglet … [Read more...]

This week in kink, January 29, 2018

A new study recently released seems to suggest that cuckolding is good for a relationship. Often thought of as demasculating to the men who has this fantasy or even taboo, it now seems that the idea of being cuckolded is far more popular than one might think. Read more about the findings here. We love latex! Especially fashionable latex! That is why we were excited to … [Read more...]

Review: My 1950’s Class Experience

Last Monday, I taught my first 1950’s class at Sanctuary. Everything went so well! I was a little afraid that speaking about such an old school topic and having to mention the words “husband” and “wife” from time to time may deter some people. This was not the case. From what I could see, everyone that attended was fully engaged and interested in what I had to say. After the … [Read more...]


One of the most insidious problems that plague many D/s relationships is what I call the “Superman (or Superwoman) Syndrome.” This is where the slave/submissive has found a Master/Mistress and ascribes an almost God-like perfection to him/her. When the Dominant encourages this mindset, the problem can be further exacerbated.  Unfortunately, many Masters/Mistresses encourage it; … [Read more...]