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The Punishment Manual Part II

In “The Punishment Manual, Part I,” we outlined the use of physical punishment in the training of a submissive or a slave. But, as I said, that is only half the story. The true aim of punishment is to imprint your displeasure on the sub’s mind so that he/she will not repeat the offense.  So ultimately all punishment has at its core a mental aspect to it. In this second part … [Read more...]


There are so many different people, types of play, dynamics/relationships, and ways to live. I feel it is our responsibility to try our best not to judge others for living differently than we do. Also, by judging, you are stunting your own learning and could potentially make some enemies. In this community, it’s so important to keep an open mind, and to be open to other … [Read more...]

Green Mountain Cabaret Rope Performance

Green Mountain Cabaret Rope Performance 2013-10-25 from Lady Lux on Vimeo. This is footage from the dress rehearsal of Lux and Tracker's rope bondage performance at the Green Mountain Cabaret on 10/25/13. Since this was a Halloween themed cabaret, I played the part of a mad scientist who enters her lab to play with her man toy ;) Enjoy! … [Read more...]

The Red Chair ~ A Cuckold’s Story – Conclusion

Alexa had never been so completely consumed. Tyler pulled her mouth to his kissing her softly while his hands squeezed her lavish breasts and tugged at her hardened nipples. In a few strokes, she began to swell in wetness and find her rhythm.  Tyler swiftly wrapped his arms around her, turning her in a moment to her back.  Her body cried out to him, yearned for him and easily … [Read more...]

The Red Chair ~ A Cuckold’s Story – Part 3

Ron sat in the Red Chair his hand cuffed to the left arm following Alexa’s instructions implicitly. The attention to detail being one of his strong characteristic traits. By 11:45 he was settled into position. He sat uncomfortably erect even though the chair itself was comfortable, he found it the best position to hold.  Now, nearly 12:30, he was in a state of anxiety over … [Read more...]