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Big/little Dynamics

The Big/little dynamic involves one partner (the D type) taking on the parental role, and the s type taking on the role of someone younger than they actually are (the little). Littles have a wide age range (infant-adolescent). It is also possible for a little to change ages within a dynamic or from partner to partner. These dynamics can be polyamorous or monogamous, and can … [Read more...]

This week in kink, February 26, 2018

This is one we haven't heard of before. When you make a visit to see Mistress Velvet, you are not only paying for the pleasure of her company, you will also be getting a lesson in black feminist theory. Mistress Velvet has a masters degree in said field and she's ready to teach you a thing or two in the bedroom and in life. Read more about it here. What happens when … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Determine Your Limits in BDSM

In the last article, we spoke about hard limits vs soft limits and what limits are. Today, we will look at 6 ways to determine your limits in BDSM. These methods can be used to determine both your hard and soft limits (or limits in general, if you choose not to draw a line between the two). 1) The easiest and most obvious method to determine limits is to think of the … [Read more...]

Valentine’s in Vegas

  True to her word, Marcia did begin working out with me. She had no time to do so before going to work, so I would go in the mornings and work on my aerobics and swimming. Instead of walking on the treadmill, I was now able to do light jogging. On the bikes, I could now get between 15-20 miles in an hours time, depending on the program I set the bike on. I was working … [Read more...]

Porta Vittoria

Porta Vittoria - Guenther Lause Ist Nicht Bekannt from Porta Vittoria on Vimeo. Official Videoclip NOTE: WATCH IT AT 720p HD! Directed by Christian Ryder Featuring Mistress Fetish Model and BDSM Performer Kristin Syn … [Read more...]