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TRUST: The Dom/me’s Point of View

Most discussions about “trust” in our lifestyle concentrate on the trust a submissive accords the Dom/me. Granted that allowing yourself to be tied up, ball-gagged and caned requires a tremendous amount of trust on the bottom’s part. In last week’s article on this subject, “Trust: the sub’s point of view,” we addressed these very concerns. But, does trust also flow in the other … [Read more...]

Funishments vs. Discipline

Funishments, to me, are essentially disciplinary actions used in a kinky way during play or a scene such as spanking or flogging. It is always consensual and should never cross any hard limits. Discipline involves a disciplinary action that is used to discipline the s type for some kind of infraction. It is also consensual and should never cross any hard limits. Even … [Read more...]

TRUST: The Sub’s Point of View

When you first enter the BDSM lifestyle, you invariably hear the word “trust” mentioned a lot. Obviously, once you consent to being tied up, you must trust your dominant. In a D/s relationship, you trust that his/her decisions will be, on balance, good ones. If others are involved in play situations, you trust that your Master tells you the truth with respect to any additional … [Read more...]

This week in kink, February 19, 2018

BDSM as a form of therapy? Researchers are finding that more and more women are turning to BDSM as a form of therapy. Some people using it to save their relationships, while others are using it to deal with past abuses. Read about it here. What 50 Shares of Grey got wrong! This articles tackles all the things the the trilogy got wrong about BDSM. I'm sure a lot of us … [Read more...]

Black Mirror – A Negative BDSM Portrayal? Sound Off!

I'm a huge Netflix buff. I binge watch series after series on a regular basis. Black Mirror on Netflix has been one of my favorite guilty pleasures from season 1. They released a new season recently and I binge watched all the episodes in one day, but one episode in particular caught my eye. It was the Black Museum episode. Without spoiling anything about the entire episode … [Read more...]