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I, Governess

Ten girls line up precisely with the tips of their ballet flats just brushing against a thick wool rug. The slight flare of their simple black dresses bumped against each other connecting them like paper dolls I once folded and cut as a child. I’m smiling because I’m pleased that they appear so poised and deferential. They stare ahead and I gift them with a little nod they’ll … [Read more...]

Mistrix Sade

Mistrix Sade from Mistrix Sade on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

This week in kink, March 26, 2018

Sex workers might be getting more than they bargained for with a new bill that could pass in the senate. It's designed to protect against sex trafficking, but could actually end up hurting consensual sex workers. Click here to read more. Anyone want to take a guess about what part of BDSM is not as sexy as most people think? I can tell you that I was wrong at … [Read more...]

Are We All Switches?

With DomCon Los Angeles ( coming to the L.A. Hilton on the 9th of May, attendees will see an array of both Dom/me and subs – from 24/7 to weekend players. Thus it might be interesting to examine Dominance and submission from a completely different angle. Remember, this is my opinion and my opinion only! I think that, in our modern society, it is nearly impossible … [Read more...]

M/s and Love

There have been huge debates within the community about whether love belongs with M/s relationships and/or whether love promotes health and happiness within the M/s dynamic. In my opinion, no matter what kind of dynamic and/or relationship you have there should be some kind of love there. To me, love is the reason that we voluntarily do anything. With this being said, there … [Read more...]