MissFireFetish – Germany does candle and fire domination on female sub


Fire Domination by Germany at Dantes Sinferno Cabaret in Portland, Oregon by MissFireFetish … [Read more...]

This week in kink, April 16, 2018


Dominatrix in Dubai? This lovely lady commands upward of 3K to be her slave for a day. In a country where such acts come with risk and steep punishment, this Brit looks to liberate her slaves under her command. Read more about it here. Sex classes are on the rise in London. Women are learning more about BDSM than ever before. Bedroom bondage being at the very top of … [Read more...]

Finding a D-type


There has been a reader inquiry: "I'm starting to think about finding a Dom. Not quite sure where to start. Would love some tips on how to avoid narcissistic psychos who pretend." I think we’d all like to avoid psychos! Lol   Based on this question I have come up with this article to speak to people in general who are looking for their “other half”. The first step … [Read more...]

Part Two: Annie’s Transgression


Read Part I here. She saw him, but he didn't know that. And that was fine with her. Annie wondered if he would ask her but he didn't, and she knew he wouldn't the minute his mouth closed over her. It's not that he was predictable, but let's be honest. At the most elemental level, he was male. And that made some things dependable. Truth of it is, she was glad he didn't … [Read more...]



In our “Fifty Shades/Internet/New Guard” BDSM world, major changes are to be expected. Some, obviously, are good; others not so. And as long as we never lose an insistence on safety, we can examine the changes in an objective way – as opposed to a “get that ball out of my yard” blanket hatred of all things new. I like to spotlight those rituals, traditions and customs that … [Read more...]