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Slave Training

No one becomes skilled at something without hard work and training. This goes for those in the Vanilla and Kink Community. The main difference between Kink and Vanilla training is that when done correctly Kink training is clearly defined, has a set goal (usually given by the D type), and is tracked throughout the training process. Training usually occurs for the betterment … [Read more...]

Sergeant Major Interview

Slave Bunny: In your own words, what does being leather/leather mean to you?     Sergeant Major: To me, it's about things such as loyalty and acceptance. It has to do with  brotherhood in a non-gender specific way. It has a lot do with traditions and honor. It has to do with remembering and honoring our history and those who really suffered because of the lifestyle. … [Read more...]

Valerie Finds Her Man

Valerie Nicholls had found her motivation to work out regularly. His name was Connor, and he owned the gym that was incongruously tucked away behind an upscale European furniture store in what most people probably assumed was an area of tony shops and places where you paid four dollars for a small pastry that was wrapped up for you to take away in a small box tied with a … [Read more...]

Building a Foundation for Exploring Your Limits

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my current Master/slave dynamic is that things I might have hated before can turn out to be things that I love. Being open to the possibility of the future, trusting my Master and putting the past behind me has helped me to let go of things I once considered limits. I’m fortunate to be in a relationship with someone who is kind … [Read more...]