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On My Knees: Part 1

Dirk Hooper Photography Master instructed me to wear my prettiest dress the night we first met up as Master and submissive. I had worn it only once, but it was my favorite dress. It was deep red like a fine wine and lacy. He picked me up in his new car and we drove into the city where his hotel room was. He wore a black suit with a purple tie because he knew it was my … [Read more...]

The Real BDSM: Inside a Dungeon with a Dominatrix

            … [Read more...]

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Submissive?

She waits at a cozy cafe and folds her napkin nervously as the minutes' turn. He's not stuck in traffic. He isn't going to show. They had been texting for six weeks. They discussed her every desire and limit, and they seemed a perfect fit. Then, he ghosted her two weeks before their scheduled meeting. He had become a master at flirting with her. Sending her nasty messages … [Read more...]

When Something is Broken, Adding More Moving Parts Isn’t Going to Fix It

I've seen a lot of people make bad decisions in the name of relationship preservation. A baby A pet A marriage A monogamous partner agreeing to open a relationship Those first three seem pretty logical.  A relationship with problems isn't going to improve by adding the stressors of a new pet or an infant and sleepless nights leading to shorter tempers.  While I … [Read more...]


“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said as she smoothed her skirt back in place, having revealed what was beneath to him. He smiled in response. “Yes, you can. You absolutely believe it. I can see that you believe it, because your skin is flushed, your breathing is heavy, and I can make out your nipples through your shirt. You one-hundred percent believe you’re doing … [Read more...]