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Writer’s Block

“Not right now, Pet,” he said as she slid up behind him, her hands reaching out to his hunched shoulders. He had always carried his stress there, and she could read him well enough to know when he needed to relax. He had awoken before her, and had been perched over his laptop at least since she had gotten out of bed three hours ago. She knew better than to bother him while … [Read more...]

This week in kink news: November 26, 2018

November 28, 2018 --  Squirtshop: P and G Spot Play w/ Isabelle and Erick 8-10pm FREE Already found your G-spot? Wondering what else it can do? This class will help you take G-spotting to the next level with in-depth tips for squirting, fisting, anal G-spotting, and becoming multi-orgasmic. Learn about strengthening your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises, anatomy, and tips, … [Read more...]


This article is intended for those of you who have been a Dom/me for a while. (If you are a newbie, I have written an article for new Doms: If you are interested in advanced D/s theory check out: ) Many of you have gotten to the “first plateau” in your … [Read more...]

Profoundly Pointless Podcast with Dominatrix Mrs. Elena De Luca

Mrs. Elena De Luca About the show Profoundly Pointless is a show in two parts. The Profound part features fascinating interviews with everyone from celebrities and athletes to professional dominatrixes and dinosaur hunters. The Pointless part tries to answer life's greatest questions. Or, as one listener put it "WHAT did I just listen to and WHY did I listen to 4 hours … [Read more...]

Interview with Master Hercules

Can you please tell us how you first become a part of this community? Even though I know I started exploring my kinky side when I was very young.  My first real introduction to the lifestyle was when I was 20, so almost 30 years ago.  Back then I met a woman, who I refer in my conversations as my Mrs. Robinson. She was not married but she was older than me by 20 years, a … [Read more...]