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BDSM & Disability: Challenges

Don't miss this insightful video by Kink Academy with Robin Wilson-Beattie Click here to check out Kink Academy and this video   … [Read more...]

Be Aware When Your Sub Spaces Hard

Photo by slave boy julia ( As a Dom, you’re looked at and expected to always be in control no matter what, and that you’re managing everything within a scene. It’s a lot of hard work as many will acknowledge. I know a couple of Sub’s, my FunUnicorn included, who after being allowed to top for a few hours/a night promptly gave that control straight back with … [Read more...]

An Excerpt from Peeper Indomitable

Reah woke in a comfortably warm bed, enveloped in the softness of the blanket with her head gently cradled on a delightful pillow. Her eyes opened to see Moros leaning up on an elbow, watching her. He smiled, an expression she still wasn’t accustomed to seeing from him. “You’re quite angelic when you sleep. No one would ever guess you shot a man through the eye with an arrow … [Read more...]

Rika’s Lair – Expectations, Rights, and Obligations – Part 1

As the new year approaches, most of us are thinking about the year gone by and looking forward to the future. It’s the perfect time to consider our New Year’s resolutions: How we’d like to improve ourselves and our relationships going forward. It’s the perfect time to consider what this D/s dynamic really means to us. Last month, we started with a discussion of “Intent” over … [Read more...]

This week in kink news: December 17, 2018

Police raid underground BDSM Club in Russia Click here to read more Context can be a valuable subject when determining consent vs. non-consent Click here to find out more Don't miss the new web series Mercy Mistress about a Queer Asian Dominatrix name Mistress Yin Click here to check it out Brandeis University students hold … [Read more...]