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Oh, Because They Are Hot!

"Oh, Because  They are Hot!" I know, I know here he goes again, but this is something that will really make you think about play, what you are willing to let someone do to you, and why you are letting them doing it to you. Now, I am writing this from the s-type’s side of things because I mostly identify that way and this seems to affect us more due to control and power … [Read more...]

Check out Mistress Bliss and Otto- a 24/7 M/s couple

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This week in kink: December 31, 2018

Many believe sadomasochism and domestic violence are one and the same. This is clearly not the case. Click here to read more on the differences Learn scientifically proven factors that affect sexual preferences Click here to find out more Ever wonder about the ins and outs of financial domination? Then click here! Robot … [Read more...]

A Place Within The Silence: Part 1

Model: Domina Mara Taken by: Domina Mara You were the last thing I expected to see.  Even kneeled with my eyes on the floor, I could feel your presence.  I could see your red boots, a shiny leather looking heel that clearly traveled the mile of your legs.  I cheat slightly and glance up further through my lashes.  I know it is improper, but I also know that there is … [Read more...]

Trust and Kink

We talk a great deal about consent in the kink community, as we should, however, I fear we sometimes do so at the the expense of other important aspects of a healthy kink relationship. In this article I want to go beyond consent and explore the role of trust in D/s dynamics. We are going to explore it from two perspectives, that of the responsibility of the Top to be … [Read more...]