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The Truth About O by Ernest Greene

The Truth About O by Ernest Greene can now be purchased online for $23.99! The book is a truly gripping account of actual events that will most likely make one see BDSM and power exchange in a new light. Purchase your copy now! The book's website is listed below.     … [Read more...]

This week in kink: January 14, 2018

Don't miss this awesome article that tells us how BDSM can be used to heal past trauma Click here to read more Check out this riveting article on how Asian- American Dominatrixes use stereotypes Click here to find out more Scientists have been doing a lot of research on ethical non-monogamy Click here to find out their … [Read more...]


I've had a fascination for mummified gals since I stumbled across a 1930s magazine cover in a late '80s pulp anthology. It featured a damsel-in-distress mummy-wrapped up to her lovely shoulders, a gag plastered over the lower half of her face, about to be locked away in a sarcophagus by some dastardly villian. The artist had managed to create a sense of tension and action in … [Read more...]

Patience Is Key To Power Exchange

I am sure most of us have heard others in the lifestyle talk about the importance of communication, transparency, self-awareness, safety, etc. All of these are so valuable and needed within any kind of power exchange or scene, but what we don’t talk about as regularly is that it takes patience to breed these things. Now, I am in NO way recommending anyone to jump into … [Read more...]

Giving Sir His Due

It was black. Sleek and shiny. Semi-realistic in shape – no veins, none of the imperfections of the flesh, but there was a flared out head, a slight curve to the shaft. It was just over seven inches in length, and big enough around that her fingers could almost but not quite wrap all the way around it. It was attached to a harness with two different sets of adjustable straps, … [Read more...]