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What I Look For In A Dominant

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A Basic Primer On Gags For Bondage Play

I love gags. I love the way they look when worn by a helpless damsel, her eyes above it wide, angry, or even erotically inflamed. I love hearing a girl trying to talk through a gag and failing miserably, her ability to express herself reduced to a series of growls and mmphs. And I love watching her trying to relieve herself of her gag, contorting her face, pushing with her … [Read more...]

When A Dom Is Down

So many people see Dom’s (I use this term to cover generally all of the Top persuasion) as indestructible men and women who have total control over everything they do and that nothing can get to them. Yet in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth. At the end of the day Dom’s are only human too. The same things that can bring down ‘normal’ people, can have just as much … [Read more...]

This week in kink: January 28, 2019

Vancouver couple mixes Shibari, discussions of consent, and life drawing in their art classes Click here to read more Learn about waterboarding and why it gives some kinksters pleasure! Click here to find out more Learn more about how 20 year old Dominatrixes are paying off their school loans via financial domination Click here to read … [Read more...]

Cut And Thrust

“You’re not half the swordsman I am.” She said it flatly, as if it were an unquestioned fact that he was meant merely to accept without challenging. It was also, in his informed opinion, ridiculous. “Whatever do you mean?” “Exactly what I said. You’re not nearly as good as I am. Look at our awards. The results speak for themselves. I’ve won tournament after tournament, … [Read more...]