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LENOIR&INTHESKY – SHAVED – Wondercat project

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Undermining Others: The Truth About Benevolent Sexism

You may have heard the phrase “Toxic masculinity” a lot recently and rightfully so. It’s  a reference to culturally-constructed ideals that highlight the violent, emotionally and sexually aggressive behavior perpetrated by male identified people. In my opinion this is a gendered behavior encompassing masculinity on a whole. It’s a cult mentality and it needs to … [Read more...]

A New Years Perspective

The room was gorgeous, decorated in dark woods and plush carpeting. The lighting came from recessed fixtures that cast a warm glow across the hotel suite, throwing shadows at the foot of the king-sized bed which dominated the bedroom. The entrance area had a small kitchenette, and there was a bottle of champagne chilling in the ice bucket that sat on the counter. The couch … [Read more...]

This week in kink: February 25, 2019

This year's Fetish Ball is coming up quickly! Click here to read more Home with private BDSM dungeon becomes most popular home! Click here to find out more Mina explains why Fifty Shades perpetuates false stereotypes Click here to read more Check out these 12 songs that most don't know are about BDSM! Click here to read … [Read more...]

Relationship Stats

I am often inspired by snippets of conversation or a phrase, which once uttered, drive my brain in circles until I chase the thought to its completion.  This time, Daddy and I were talking about successful relationships. Superbowl being a thing, I laughed that if we were talking sports, my stats would be pretty terrible.  Of the more serious relationships in my lifetime of … [Read more...]