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This week in kink: February 18, 2018

Non-consensual porn bill talked about for Indiana Click here to read more Don't miss this Philly home referred to as "Fifty Shades of Maple Glen" Click here to find out more Mistress Eve will be teaching workshops in Victoria until March Click here to read more Don't miss Chapman University's "One Big Sex Night" Click … [Read more...]

Little Boy Blue Balls-Part 1

Photography by Mistress Laurent At the ripe age of 38, I felt the need to find a Mistress and become Her slave. I met Mistress Rayvyn on a website we were both members of where she had shared Her  messenger name. Things escalated quickly, in a good way, and I rapidly became her little bitch and her little boy too; the latter because of my embarrassingly small cock and … [Read more...]

The Best Play For Newbies

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BDSM Basics: Scene Negotiation

Playing Out Loud One of the most rewarding and fun aspects of BDSM is that of power exchange. Giving and receiving that degree of trust and vulnerability is sacred and the responsibilities that comes along with this exchange are not to be taken lightly. You may have witnessed scenes before where it would seem as if words are wholly unnecessary or that the players just know … [Read more...]

Gag Primer Part 2

Cleave gags, by and large, simply don't work. Try it yourself. Tie a strip of cloth in your mouth (or your girl's) and see how easy it is to work it out, no matter how tightly you tie it. As an added challenge, place a cloth or ball in the mouth first, then tie it in place with a cloth. If it takes you more than 90 seconds to spit it out then I'd argue you have the sort of … [Read more...]