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Bondage For Beginners BDSM 101

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The Aftercare Lie

Now and then I will share one of the lies I wrote about in my 50 Lies Told to New People About BDSM book. They make good topics for articles since they’re already fairly bite sized. They also deal with issues I see on a daily basis on kink-based social websites or groups. Today I’m going to present two that go hand in hand and apply to both private and public play. A … [Read more...]


In the Kink Community we use a lot of words that are very specifically defined.  Words like safewords, communication, vetting, and whole hosts of others prompting people to write BDSM glossaries every now and then. But let's take the word vetting in particular.  Walking into my introductory munch, it was one of the things they briefly went over, with a demonstration.  … [Read more...]

Little Boy Blue Balls-Part 2

The night after Mistress dismissed me, she told me to report to her as soon as possible. I messaged her as soon as I was home from work and she made me edge again and again for her. This time she started showing her parts of her I had never seen. Her pussy was glorious and she was wet when she played with herself again. “Edge again, slut” she demanded and I rubbed my boy … [Read more...]

Something Is Going to Go Wrong With Your Scene

Perhaps you will have noticed that the title of this piece does not contain the word “if”. In kink it is rare that something won't go wrong at some point, and given enough time something certainly will. This can be relatively minor, a flogger swing that goes too high, all the way to scaring someone with a poorly judged whip strike. Today I writing all about when it does go … [Read more...]