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The Bratting Lies

Lies Regarding Brats, As Told By Brats As I have done before, this week I’ll be sharing a piece of my 50 Lies Told to New People about BDSM book. Today it’s brats and bratty behavior. The lies are: 33. Bratting is totally normal and acceptable behavior. 33a. Everyone has to tolerate brats. 33b. If Doms don’t like brats, they’re weak and don’t know how to handle a … [Read more...]

In The Kinky Closet

Yes Mistress! I am fortunate enough to know some truly wonderful dominatrices...AS FRIENDS!!! (Let us make that clear before you let your imagination run away with you.) I sometimes feel that these individuals represent a neglected field of outreach for our community, that of fantasy exploration. Many of us are lucky enough to be able to explore our kinks and fetishes with … [Read more...]

Transactional Kink Relationships

It can be so easy to fall into.  It makes sense. We all want to fill our hearts' desires, yes? Perhaps it's something simple.  It's a frustration, and making a deal will fix it.  "I really need you to do these dishes.  I will have kinky sex with you just the way you want it."  We both win, right? But let's take a step backwards and ask if that's really what we want our … [Read more...]

Subculture Allure: A Guest Arrives

He walked into the room. Master greeted him while Cupcake took his coat and Sherry offered him a Bourbon on a silver tray. We were made to kneel in nadu, the common slave position. We were naked with the exception of Master’s collar, bells on our left ankle and slender leather cuffs we are always made to wear. Kneeling with our head down, palms face up on our thighs, our brands … [Read more...]

This week in kink news: July 1, 2019

Sex toy start up sues NY transit system for banning its ads Click here to read more Don't miss this article about the most ridiculous assumptions regarding kink/BDSM Click here to find out more Check out this inspiring article about how BDSM can help with illness Click here to read more Have some kinky news to share? Tell us about … [Read more...]