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Common Newbie Misconceptions

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Ask Baadmaster

Here is an amazing question so nuanced that I had to ponder the answer for a while.  I am not even sure this is the right answer; thus you can file this under “Opinion.” Reader: Here is a problem, as a fellow Dom, you might be able to help me with. Recently I went to a dungeon party with my collared slave. A small argument escalated to the point where she said, loudly so … [Read more...]

This week in kink: June 24, 2019

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Is Anyone Still Having Fun?

An issue is a growing not only in my own local community but across the whole of BDSM communities alike. It’s an issue that is increasingly giving me pause in attending events and placing myself within reach of certain individuals. Have a seat and let’s talk about consent. Yes, we’re having this talk. Yes you need to pay attention. And yes, you might have already violated … [Read more...]

A Sensual Massage

I wonder if you understand the amount I enjoy touching you.  The feel of your skin, so soft and smooth, gives me goosebumps most times.  I can feel your heat against my palm.  It is quite the treat to touch you, even in the most innocent of ways.   I can see you laid out on your stomach, the strong lines of your back standing prominent as you rest your head on your … [Read more...]