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BDSM 101: Praise Kink/Affirmation Play

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This week in kink news: August 26, 2019

Don't miss this 101 BDSM guide! Click here to read more Check out this video on Jo Weldon, a Queer, middle-aged entertainer who inspires people all over the globe! Click here to check it out! Check out the Red Light District Hotel and its kinky amenities! Click here to find out more Have some kinky news to share? Tell us about any … [Read more...]

Interview with Lusty Guy and Minx

Thank you so much for consenting to do this interview. Please introduce yourselves and give us a little background of the work you have done for the Poly Community. LG SAYS: I go by Lusty Guy for my work with Poly Weekly and have been active in the sexual community of interest since the 1990s, when I formed one of the first sex-positive adult video production companies. … [Read more...]


It was a cool March day and I was going to meet Daddy for the first time. We had been talking online for a few days and started heavily flirting with each other. When I met up with him in a public place I decided he was safe enough to get in his car. He took me to the park. We walked around the lake in the park and stopped by a gazebo. I had promised him via text that I’d show … [Read more...]

The Fine Art Of Flirting

I've often said that I believe flirting should be treated as a fine art. It is not something one can wander into with no experience, no clear objective, and certainly no quips on hand. For me when I am flirted with it either goes into one of two categories: 1) Nice try bum. Next! or 2) Well what do we have here? Those are my only two mental reactions. One of them will lead to … [Read more...]