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Riding the Pole—Ties

“I think you need more of the attention I used to give you,” he said. “Far more of my hands before the satisfaction of my cock.” “That could be—” His hand strong over her mouth silenced her. “That required no response from you.” He felt her energy jolt and sizzle against his. A few words, a small action, and he had almost total control over her. His hands slid down … [Read more...]

Cool BDSM Bondage Furniture You Can Make At Home

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This week in kink news: August 12, 2019

Don't miss this article on how to have "the forced orgasm of your dreams!" Click here to read more Meet Mistress Velvet! Click here to find out more Read up on BDSM for beginners! Click here to read more Have some kinky news to share? Tell us about any upcoming BDSM events, new products, dungeon openings / closings, collarings, kink in … [Read more...]

Mommy’s Good Boy

When I entered the room it was just as I had requested: panties and stockings laid out on the bed. I turned to look at him standing in the doorway, still dressed from the day. He was trying not to blush, his deep brown eyes pleading in my direction. I curled my finger up and motioned. "Come here," I purred. His bare feet shuffled on the wooden floors as he crept closer. … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster- Lost and Found

The following question is more like an “advice columnist” question than a BDSM query.  But, I am sure, this problem has come up in BDSM so it is worthy of an answer. Reader: I am a female submissive.  How the heck do I find a true, sincere Master? I am totally new to this, and so far I have met many “Dom’s” who use me because I am submissive – but are only interested in play … [Read more...]