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This week in kink news: October 14, 2019

Don't miss these kinky Disney villain stories! Meet Venus Cuffs! Read about the feminism and submission in this week's … [Read more...]

Ask Baadmaster!

On first glance, this might seem a question that is way out of my field of expertise.  But on closer examination, it is actually in my wheelhouse. And with the current acceptance of gender fluidity, it might be an important question to attempt to answer.  Well, here goes: Reader: I'm transgender and identify as a Domme, and have been contemplating hypnosis as a way of … [Read more...]

Bottom Does Not Equal Housemaid

Last week, I went on a date with a very nice man I met on OKC. Toward the end of our date, he brought up how he’s having difficulty finding a submissive who will clean his house. They’ll come over to play and fuck, but don’t want to clean his house. I commiserated that I couldn’t find a bottom who was willing to come to my end of the subway line and carry my rolling backpack … [Read more...]

What Did You Do This Weekend?

'What'd you do this weekend?' ask vanilla friends Like a great many kinky people, we have kinky friends and we have vanilla friends. Some of our vanilla friends are aware of our particular proclivities and are interested, more or less (usually less).  Of course, we have family. Inevitably, family are pretty much hopelessly vanilla. I don't know why, but it always seems to be … [Read more...]

Just In The Bedroom

Where to start? What to ask? Engulfed in the pillows, she pawed at her hair, it felt as tangle and tossed as her brain.  The shower stopped running. "What the hell was that? What are you, and what have you done with my husband?" The bathroom door slides open, and his head appears as the steamrolled into the bedroom. "What was that?" he smirked. You heard me, "where the … [Read more...]